It seems like there is nothing stopping Microsoft from the continuous bashing against Apple products.  Recently, Microsoft released a video that put the Surface RT against the iPad 4.  Today, Microsoft has released another video bashing another one of Apple products, the iPad Mini.  The iPad Mini is put against Acer’s 8.1-inch Iconia W3 tablet.

For your entertainment, the video is included below so you can see it for yourself.  It’s quite interesting that of all the products Microsoft could have chosen to put against the iPad Mini, they choose Acer’s Iconia W3 tablet.  Acer’s tablet has received very, very poor reviews ever since the release of the product.

In the video, these are the key things Microsoft decided to focus on:

  • Using Siri’s voice to insult itself/iPad Mini
  • Gaming
  • Availability of Microsoft Office
  • Price of each product

The focus of the iPad Mini not being a ‘real’ PC is something Microsoft ended the video with.  The company still believes that users want a ‘real’ PC and not just a tablet that can’t do daily tasks.

What do you thin?  Does Microsoft come across as desperate?