Up until this year, T-Mobile was continuously losing customers.  Every quarter, the company would post subscriber loss numbers in the 100,000+, and profits were also down too.  At the time, speculation grew that T-Mobile might finally get the iPhone.  Last year, the carrier announced that it will be finally carrying the iPhone, as well as a ‘whole array of Apple products’.

T-Mobile USA entered into an agreement with Apple to bring products to the carrier all together in early 2013.  The carrier started to carry the iPhone four months later.  The CEO, along with the entire company couldn’t be more happier with the decision.  For the first time, T-Mobile posted a subscriber growth of 685,000 branded postpaid phones, 1.1 million customers overall.  Moreover, 4.3 million smartphones were sold, which is a 71 percent growth.  The carrier introducing its ‘UNcarrier’ plan has had quite the impact too.

Now that T-Mobile has seen success with the iPhone, the carrier is now looking to add more products to its line up. In a recent report published by AllThingsD, John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile said that “I think there’s a whole array of Apple products that we look forward to carrying. We will expand what we offer from them.”

T-Mobile might start offering iPods, iPads, or maybe even MacBook’s.  Perhaps they might do the same thing Best Buy is doing right now, which is offering a free Apple TV along with a Retina MacBook Pro purchase.  Knowing Legere, he is bound to come up with something interesting.

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