Unites States recently pushed for smartphone companies to create better theft protection for customers.  One of the companies to receive a lot of criticism was Apple.  With iOS 7, they have devised a new way to help thieves from getting into iPhone’s with ‘Activation Lock’.

According to Korean Times,  South Korean government is pushing their domestic companies to come up with a mandatory “Kill Switch” feature.  Companies such as Samsung, LG and Pantech are under watch to come up with such feature.  The South Korean government wants the companies to come with up a kill switch that will allow victims to remotely disable their device all together, having their data protected, or having their data completely wiped clean.

The new act brought into affect will remain until second quarter 2014.  After reaching the second quarter of 2014, the government will assess how much well the act has worked and will then go from there.

This new act is a great way for South Korean government to provide protection for its people.  The government wants the companies to do more to provide security and a peace of mind to all of its customers.