nexus-7With the recent release of Google’s Nexus 7, many users and investors alike have been impressed with the newly release device.  Since the release, early reviewers and other customers alike have been reporting problems that they have been encountering.  Problems such as faulty GPS issues, bug-full interface, and several other problems.

In a new report released by Consumer Reports, the organization is discouraging potential buyers to not buy any Nexus 7 tablets until Google has resolved all issues.  In their report, the point out Nexus 7′s touch screen issues that have caused a lot of headaches for not only them, but for users too.

Here is what they said:

It’s been widely reported that a few quirks are being encountered by early owners. For one, the touch screen sometimes reportedly “goes crazy” and misses or repeats touches or keystrokes on the virtual keyboard. On the sample Nexus 7 we bought, we found it impossible to use the Swype method of word entry, as the continuous sliding from one key to the next gets chopped up by whatever the problem is, entering gibberish instead of meaningful text.

Google has acknowledged that these issues exist in the new Nexus 7 tablet.  However, the company has not given any time frame as to when these issues will be fixed.  Knowing Google, they will not take long to fix these issues, but we have to wait and find out when Google fixes everything.