BBM-android-ios-webAccording to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, the struggling BlackBerry may perhaps break apart some of its key services into separate subsidiary companies.  One of the areas being talked about currently is the BlackBerry Messenger service.

BlackBerry is considering breaking off the BBM service into its own company, calling it “BBM Inc”.  The company will be BlackBerry’s subsidiary, however, will have more independence such as operations and expanding the service.

According to the report, BlackBerry hass stated that they are looking to bring the famous BBM platform to Android and iOS, as well as desktop computers, but have yet to do so.  This is not the first time we are hearing of such news, since the company previously stated that they would release BBM for other service during the summer.

The company currently is going through a major phase change.  BlackBerry continues to struggle in the smartphone market, and the market share reflects it.  Will breaking off save the company from total destruction?