sad_mac_retroThere’s one thing that Apple prides itself of is the fact that it is able to provide top notch security for its users.  Whether its on the iOS mobile platform, or on the desktop OS X platform, the company does its best to make sure all users are protected.  But according to a new report, even Apple isn’t able to get away form vulnerabilities.  Android may be the mainstream target, but Apple gets caught in the net every so often as well.

According to a new report from, a major vulnerability has been discovered in iOS, and also takes affect in the OS X platform as well.  The vulnerability directly allows remote users to crash apps in iOS 6, currently also effects Mountain Lion.  The vulnerability works through a bug in Apple’s CoreText font rendering framework.

To crash apps, or even render them completely useless, all the remote hacker would have to do is to expose the apps to one of several possible strings of text, and the apps would simply crash.  Safari is also affected by this issue as well where naming a Wi-Fi network with one of the strings of text can cause an error while an Apple device is scanning for networks.

In the report, it states that Apple is aware of this bug, rather has been aware of this for six months, but has done little to fix it.  In the newer software, however, this bug does not take affect on iOS 7 betas and OS X Mavericks.  So it’s best to upgrade your system as soon as possible, or perhaps you can wait for a fix to be officially issued by Apple.