appleeventOver the past few months, rumors started to grow about the fact that Apple will host an event on September 10 for the release of several products.  Today, according to a report from The Loop, Apple has sent out invitations to a an event.  The event is going to be held at the Cupertino, California headquarters.

The event will start at 10am Pacific / 1PM Eastern.  This finally puts rest to those rumors that were going around the announcement date.  For month, several credible sources such as The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple will be holding the event on September 10.  Well, it’s finally official.

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Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone 5S and a low-cost iPhone 5C on September 10.  Along with that, we may see several other announcements such as the refresh of the MacBook Pro line up.  Previously during the WWDC 2013 announcement, the MacBook Air’s received processor refresh with the new Haswell processors.  Apple is now expected to bring the new processors to their MacBook Pro line up.

There were previous rumors of Apple also announcing the new iPad 5 and Retina iPad mini, however it is highly unlikely that Apple will announce these products at the event.  Generally, Apple holds a separate event to announce different lines of products.  We may also not see the new Mac Pro being released right now.  The company may hold another event next month or sometime November to announce the next generation of the iPad series, along with releasing the Mac Pro, and shipments taking place as early as December for the holidays.

Who’s ready for the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C?