android-4-4-kit-katWhile just a little while ago, Apple sent out invitations for their September 10 event, Google has also made a major announcement.  The company has announced their next version of Android called KitKat (4.4).  Google has also announced that through out the world, Android now powers over 1 billion mobile devices, which if you think about it is a very nice milestone.

For an OS platform that has been around for under six years, Android is doing a very nice job.  By the days, more companies are starting to adopt the Android platform because it is open source.  While updates being issued to different devices that power Android seems to be a big problem, that isn’t stopping Android from taking over the mobile OS market share in the world.

Google’s new Android version will be called KitKat (4.4).  This is the first time we are seeing a name change since last year when Google announced Jelly Bean.  The adoption rate of Jelly Bean has been slow, with Gingerbread still taking the crown as the most widely used Android version.  If Google brings nice key features to KitKat, we could see the new version passing all previous ones to take the crown.

Lastly, Google has also put out a new statue of their next Android version outside of its Android team’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.  As you can see from the picture, the statue does seem very tasty, doesn’t it?