smallbbmFor a while now, we have been hearing about BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) coming to other platforms.  The Ontario based company decided to expand the popular messaging service to other OS platforms in hopes to attract more individuals to not only use the service, but to try and convince them to move to the BlackBerry platform.

According to BlackBerry’s Alex Kinsella on twitter, the BBM app has already been submitted for review.  The app was submitted 2 weeks ago, according to Kinsella, and is in the review process.  Previously, other apps such as Google’s Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp were all submitted to iOS App Store and went through extensive reviewing, so Apple may be taking their time in order to approve the app.

BlackBerry entering the iOS platform with messaging service isn’t something new since the concept has already been accepted by Apple, hence the Facebook Messenger and plenty of other apps being approved.  However, if BlackBerry does try to use some more features such as Screen Sharing, that might cause some delays in having the app approved.

Keep your fingers crossed!  Who’s looking forward to having BBM on iOS?