iphone5c-480x640Apple’s September 10 event is just days away, and we are already seeing excitement growing.  Consumers are so excited that lines are already starting to form in front of Apple Store’s nationwide.  With the date getting more closer, a new leak has surfaced online.

According to new photos posted by CTechCN (via 9to5Mac), we see what they claim to be is the iPhone 5C logic board.  When the logic board was compared to the iPhone 5S logic board, there were many differences.  However, when the logic board was compared to the iPhone 5’s design, there were many similarities.  This goes well along with what recent rumors have suggested that the iPhone 5C will host many similar hardware that is in the iPhone 5 right now.  The low cost iPhone will have the internals of the iPhone 5, but with a different exterior.

Of course, like any other leak, there is no way to verify such pictures.  We would have to wait for the official release, and then wait some more for other guys like iFixIt to tear down the phone and reveal everything internally.

With the introduction of the iPhone 5C, Apple may be looking to stop selling the iPhone 5 and remove it from is line up.  Since the iPhone 5C is basically the iPhone 5, it makes sense that the company would stop selling the iPhone 5 as a premium smartphone.