apple-unveils-ios-7-1After months of waiting and being in beta (still is technically), Apple will finally make iOS 7 publicly available.  Starting September 18, everyone with the supporting iDevices can grab iOS 7 software for free.  Apple says that iOS 7 will be available for devices made in the past three years.  This means that you essentially need an iPhone 4 and up device.  The iPad 2 is also supported.

There are over two hundred new features in iOS 7, including Control Center, better multitasking, improved notifications, iTunes Radio and a brand new flattened interface.  The new software provides a more flatter look, seems to be inspired by Windows Phone OS, but nonetheless, it is very impressive.  The new features in the software provide a beautifully blended experience only available on your iDevice.

With that in mind, will you be grabbing iOS 7 or just sticking to the previous softwares?  Remember that with newer versions of the software, Apple does have the latest bug fixes, security fixes, and features.  So upgrading has its perks.  Why not upgrade?