iPhone-5CApple’s new iPhone 5c pre-orders went live at midnight PDT.   After several hours of pre-ordering availability, the new smartphone still currently available.  The iPhone 5c has not gone through a sell out yet, which usually happens to the premium model of the iPhone.

Last year, the iPhone 5 sold out very quickly, and this year, the iPhone 5c remains available, which is not a problem and is a good thing for customers because the phone is still widely available.

Don’t get too excited just yet.  Even though the iPhone 5c is still widely available for pre-order, that doesn’t mean you will get your iPhone 5c on launch day.  Sprint, being the first carrier to announce potential sellouts says that “we’ll do our best to get it to you by 9/20; but because of high demand, some phones will ship in up to 2 weeks.”  The carrier continues on to say that the “iPhone 5c yellow 32GB will ship in up to 3 weeks. A tracking number will be sent when your phone ships.

This shows a good sign for the iPhone 5c that there is demand for the smartphone out there.  The one thing we can get out of this is that the iPhone 5c is not as desirable as the iPhone 5s.  Pre-orders for the iPhone 5s have yet to go live.  Speculation tells us that due to supply constraints, Apple may be looking to just make the iPhone 5s available in-store only at Apple stores and carrier locations.  So pretty much, this is a first come first serve basis.  This is yet another good way to stop those who purchase the devices in mass amounts and then sell them for mass profits.