Sprint_One_Up_610x289According to a new report from Roger Cheng over at CNET, Sprint will soon add on its own device upgrade program called “One Up.”  T-Mobile was the first company to introduce device upgrade program as a part of their UNcarrier plan.  Soon after, two major players AT&T and Verizon also went along the same path by introducing upgrade plans.

Sprint’s One Up plan will allow customers to pick up a device for $0 down, and allowing them to make $27 monthly installments for 24 months.   Sprint will require the customer to pay the device in full if the plan is cancelled early.  There is no monthly fee for annual upgrade, as opposed to T-Mobile’s $10 per month fee.

CNET reports:

“The company is preparing to launch Sprint One Up, a program that allows its customers to pay for their smartphones or tablets in monthly installments and upgrade after every year by trading in their devices, CNET has learned.”

Sprint notes that the One Up plan includes unlimited data, is $200 cheaper than T-Mobile’s plan at $1,192. This is for one year of service, by the way.

Now that we have all four major carriers who offer device upgrade plan, T-Mobile is still the cheapest plan to go.  The only thing holding back T-Mobile is the size and performance of its network.  Sprint is also along the same lines where their LTE network is virtually non-existant, AT&T is in second place with their LTE expansion, and Verizon bring in first place with the size of their LTE coverage.

Sprint_One_Up_Chart_610x323Those of you who are already on Sprint’s network, will you be taking part in this?  Those of you who are not, do you plan on switching?