iphone5s-5cIn a press release by Apple today, the company reports some numbers that many analyst (I’m looking at you Wall Street) and investors have been waiting for.  According to the press release, Apple has sold a total of 9 million iPhones this opening weekend, a record that shattered last year’s 5 million.

While Apple release only one model iPhone last year which was the iPhone 5, this year the company release two models.  The high end model named iPhone 5s and a lower end model named iPhone 5c.  Strong demand for the iPhone 5s is what seems to have brought strong sales to the company.  The iPhone 5c brought in sales no doubt, but recent surveys suggest that most of the demand is for iPhone 5s.

The iPhone 5s is reportedly sold out in retail store as of right now, and previous shipments in Apple Stores dried up pretty quickly.  Many customers left Apple Stores being disappointed that they could not get an iPhone 5s, and were told to order online.  As for the iPhone 5c, the yellow model was the first one to show initial shipment slippage, however, other models remain in stock.  This doesn’t mean that there is no demand for the iPhone 5c, it just means that since there are several color and storage option choices, inventory being dried up is unlikely.  But we have seen some shipping time slippage for the iPhone 5c as well for some color models.

Apple also announced that this past weekend, 200 million iPhone users upgraded to iOS 7.  This is the fastest adoption rate we have seen so far, and breaks previous iOS 6’s record.  The company completely redesigned the software inside and out, and also introducing new features such as Control Center, new Slo-Mo feature in the iPhone 5s, and others.

What do you think?  Apple did well this past weekend?