Tmobile104565287The demand for BlackBerry devices just keeps on going lower.  The Z10 and Q10 have failed to catch consumer interest, and the company continues to struggle.  According to a new report from Reuters, the fourth largest carrier in the United States is looking to make a change.

T-Mobile US has decided to not carry BlackBerry devices in store any longer.  Instead, they will be offering the devices online only.  David Carey, the vice president of corporate services says that “keeping stock in the retail distribution system was inefficient.”  The demand for BlackBerry just isn’t there anymore, so the decision to remove them from retail stores to online only makes sense.

BlackBerry has been looking to sell off it’s mobile business, laying off much of its force and searching for a buyer.  The company is looking to focus its attention on enterprise services where it still holds a lot of business.  This isn’t very shocking seeing as the company has been falling deeper into the water for quite some time now, and when the company realized, it was too late.

BlackBerry signed a letter of intent earlier this week, hoping to be acquired by Perm Wasta’s FairFax Holding for an amount of $4.7 billion.

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