motorola_0As BlackBerry continues to drown, the competition is looking to take full advantage of the situation.  According to a new report from Financial Post, Motorola is looking to open a new engineering hub in BlackBerry’s home town, Kitchener-Waterloo area.

A few days after BlackBerry announced that it will be letting go of over 4000 employees, Motorola made this announcement.  This is a very good thing for those looking to new employment.  Google already operates a small office in the same area, with about 200 employees.

Motorola’s new office will be with in walking distance of Google’s office, about 10 minutes.  That goes about the same amount of time it’s away from BlackBerry’s global headquarters.  Since there is a lot of talent in the area, many experienced engineers and other people can apply for employment with Motorola.  The company wants to take full advantage of this opportunity to hire talented and experienced individuals.

Motorola has been planning this for quite some time now.  Other companies such as Intel, Electronic Arts, and Square have offices in the same areas.

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