VerizonLogoOver the weekend, many customers who are still on Verizon’s old unlimited data plan  discovered that they were able to upgrade their devices without having losing their data plan.  At first, many thought that Verizon may have had a change of heart, but after looking into the matter, it was completely different.

There was a bug in the system that allowed customers to upgrade, without losing their data plan.  Normally, customers were allowed to keep their unlimited data plan as long as they purchased their devices out-right, at full unsubsidized price.

There were many customers who took advantage of this opportunity.  Verizon has fixed this loophole and now things are back to normal.  One question does come to mind though.  What happens to those that took advantage of this loophole and upgraded their plan?  Will they be switched over to a tiered plan and lose their unlimited data plan?

We reached out to Verizon and dug deeper to find out that those that took advantage of the opportunity may get changed over to a tiered plan.  It appears that Verizon will be flagging all the accounts and anyone who activates it will be placed on to the tiered plan automatically. You can return your device and go back on your unlimited data plan, however only within the 14 days.  So you have two weeks to cancel the plan you initiated when taking advantage of the loophole.

Best advice would be to cancel the order, purchase a device at full cost and not risk losing your unlimited data plan.

What do you think?