cricketwirelessiphone11:25 AM – Pre-paid wireless carrier Cricket today announced that starting October 25, the company will start carrying the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.  Back in May 2012, Cricket Wireless became the first pre-paid carrier to offer unlocked iPhones on the pre-paid platform.

Those interested in getting the new iPhones with Cricket can preregister to be sent an email when the iPhones go on sale and latest information.  Perhaps there might even be deals sent out?

Cricket Wireless is a Leap Wireless brand that that offers $50 a month service, which provides talk, text and data plan.  The company operates nationwide 4G LTE and 3G CDMA wireless networks.  So no, your GSM iPhones will not work on Cricket Wireless.

Cricket was struggling to sell iPhones not too long ago, but with combined efforts with Apple, the company managed to attract customers.  The company has a 3-year, $900 million deal with Apple.  When Cricket first started selling the iPhone, it didn’t get the response it expected, and thought that it would go into a lot of losses due to the contract agreement with Apple.

Other carriers such as Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile have already announced the introduction of the new iPhones on their service.

Will you be hopping onto Cricket Wireless?