macbook-pro-retina-13-inch-4The company previously introduced a new entire generation of MacBook’s.  Now the company is providing more improvements to the line up.

“Mind. Blown.” – Computerworld

Now focusing on MacBook Pro.  The company previously introduced a Retina Display to the MacBook Pro, and 13/15 inch versions.  The company has made it 3.46 pounds, it’s 0.71 inch thin, and it’s very fast.  Comes with Intel Haswell processors, 4th generation dual-core chip.  Comes with faster graphics, and are 90% faster.  Get’s up to 9 hours of battery life.

The 15-inch scame with Crystalwell quad-core processor, with Iris Pro graphics.  Comes with GeForce GT 750M with 2 GB memory.  Comes with PCUe-based flash, and is very fast.  Has Thunderbolt 2 as well.

There’s faster flash storage, and is 60% faster.  WiFi is also faster, 3x faster than previous.

These are major improvements that the company has made.

The previous generation started at $1499 for 13-inch, but now is $1299.  The price has been cut for this model and starts shipping today!  As you can expect, the price will also change for the 15-inch.  It started at $2199, and now it’s starting at $1999.

Both models start shipping today!  Who’s going to order?