ios_7_iwork_ilife_icons_heroThe company has just announced that there are new improvements and designs to the new software, such as iWorks.

In the new iPhoto, there is a new look in iOS 7, as we have seen before.  Apple is bringing the Photo Book to your iPad so that it will be easier for you to see photos.  You can save the photos, and have it sent to Apple for printing.  This is for Mac and iOS.

For iMovie, there are a ton of new features.  There is a new design for iOS 7, and also for Mavericks.  The software allows you to create new amazing movies.  The live creating improvements are being brought to the mobile platform, such as on your iPhone and iPad.  For Mac, there is a Library and Theater tab, where you have a private screening room.  Takes all of your shared clips, and trailers, it shares everything across all of your devices, even on your Apple TV.

Next, there is GarageBand.  There is a new design for iOS 7.  It is going from 8 tracks to 16 tracks improvement on the mobile platform.  On the Mac, there is a new library and new sound so that you can have a better experience creating music.  There are many improvements to creating music on the Mac.  It sounds very realistic, such as for drummers.

Every new Mac comes with the new GarageBand and new library content so that you have somewhere to start from.

All of this comes with the new Macs and new iOS 7 software.  All new versions for iOS and Mac.  All come FREE, so get downloading!