bbm-ios-800x48912:00 PM – BackBerry released their popular messaging service BBM to other platforms last month.  Apple’s iOS was one of them and initially, it only brought support for iPhones.

Instantly, the company saw huge success with the release, showing a whooping 5 million downloads in the first 8 hours.  Due to the popularity, the app took the No. 1 spot in the App Store for a while.  The company saw 20 million downloads in the first week.  Now, the app sits at the No. 76 spot, however, it may not be there for long.

BlackBerry earlier tweeted that starting today, it will bring the BBM support to iPads and iPod Touchs.  There’s a catch, however.  The initial launch will not support cellular iPads.  Perhaps in the near future, the company may release an update to support celluar iPads, but for right now, there will be no support.  BlackBerry also doesn’t have anything in development to provide support for cellular versions, however.

Here is what BlackBerry said to Chris Davies of SlashGear:

BlackBerry’s BBM instant-messaging service will be updated to run on WiFi-only iOS devices like the iPad and iPod touch “within 24 hours” the company has confirmed. The new version follows BBM’s release for iOS and Android in late October for cellularly-enabled devices, with head of BBM Andrew Bocking confirming the imminent update to SlashGear today. The move will mean that owners of non-3G/4G iPad and iPod touch devices will be able to join the growing number of BBM users.

So, what do you think?  If you’re interested in downloading the BBM app, you can get it directly from here.