Nexus-5-Carrier-Comparisongsadfgasd-580x34811:00 AM – Just two weeks ago, Google made the official release of Nexus 5.  With in a few hours, the initial inventory dried up, and now customers have to wait on back order.  For those who don’t want to wait, there is an alternative for you.

T-Mobile is now officially offering the Nexus 5.  The price is however different.  Unlike Google’s pricing, which starts at $349 for 16 GB version and $399 for 32 GB version, the wireless carrier’s pricing is slightly higher.

The company is offering the Nexus 5 16 GB for $449.  This price is $100 over the $349 for the 16 GB version.  As far as offering the 32 GB version, it doesn’t look like T-Mobile is offering the 32 GB version.

If you’re a well-qualified buyer, you can purchase the device in the installment plan.  The equipment installment plan (EIP) is offered for this device where you would put $41 down payment and $17 per month for 24 months.

Considering that T-Mobile is charging only $100 over the initial cost by Google, it’s cheaper than most other place.  If you go to eBay or Craigslist, sellers are asking for $500 or even $600 for devices.  So this is not so bad for those who don’t want to wait for their Nexus 5 to arrive from Google and want it immediately.

For right now, this offer is only available online.  The device will not hit stores until November 20th.

Will you be getting one?