WPInstagram1:00 PM – Windows Phone platforms is slowly starting to pick up the pace in the mobile world.  Currently, the duopoly between iOS and Android runs the market, with Windows Phone in third place.  Slowly but surely, with combined efforts from Nokia and Microsoft, the WP platforms is slowly picking up page.

One of the biggest problems with the Windows Phone OS is the lack of availability for popular apps.  Up until now, popular apps such as Instagram have been missing from the WP Store, but this are now changing up.

Facebook-owned Instagram arrives in the Windows Phone store for download.  Currently, the app is still in beta stage.  You will not be able to take photos from with-in the app itself like you can on Android and iOS, but you can choose photos from your camera roll and upload them.  Another big bummer is that you cannot record any videos either. You can comment, view photos and even use tags.  There are several other features missing, but they will come in future updates.

Instagram has recently reached 150 million active users.  The photo sharing platform continues to grow, with Instagram leading the pack.

To our readers with a Windows Phone, what do you think?  Time to rejoice?

Source:  [The Verge]