PlayStation4-FeaturedImage10:15 AM – Sony has a very successful launch on its hands with their PS4 gaming console.  The company sold more than 1 million units with in the first 24 hours of availability on Canada and United States.

Now we get some more insight from Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly.  In a report from Reuters, he confirmed to them that the retailers has “pretty much run out” or PS4 stocks almost everywhere.  This is very good news for Sony.  Joly goes on to say that “we will get new inventory next week,” and then adding that the PS4 has had “a great launch, no doubt about that.”

Two of the hottest consoles on the market right now are the PS4 and Xbox One.  Both companies have beefed up their consoles, putting their millions of dollars worth of R&D in the consoles selling in stores.  No doubt that these two gaming consoles will sell like hotcakes during this holiday season, and is on the top of gamers must-have.

Sony aims to sell 5 million units by March of next year.  The PS4 starts at $399.99, a cool $200 less than it’s predecessor that launched in 2006.

The console will launch in other markets such as Europe and Latin America on November 29.

Are you excited for your PS4?  If you already have one, share your thoughts with us!