Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 5.28.04 PM5:30 PM – With BlackBerry losing it’s hardware side to its competitors, the company is now looking to heavily focus and rely on its software side to bring in the profits.  BBM was recently exported to iOS and Android.  The response from users has been phenomenal and now the company is taking things a step further.

Introducing BBM Channels, a new addition to BlackBerry’s popular cross-platform mobile.  What is Channels exactly?  BBM Channels is a lone part of the app where you can follow and converse with your favorite brands and businesses.  You have the ability to like, comment and share content posted by any BBM Channel.  If you don’t want to publicize it, you can enter a private chat session with the owner or manager of the page.

BBM Channels is being released as an open beta to all BlackBerry devices running OS 5 or higher.  A BlackBerry spokesperson said that it will be available from 8pm GMT/3pm ET/12pm PT.

As for the feature being ported to other platforms.  The company has stated that this will be added to the BBM iOS and Android apps “in the coming months.”  So, it’s not too far off.

Who’s looking for to this?