Microsoft-Surface-RT-tablet2:40 PM – As hard as Microsoft tried to put a dent in the iPad’s sales, it couldn’t do much damage.  In the last quarter, Apple sold more than 14 million iPads units.  Now much damage done by Microsoft.  The Windows RT tablet has yet to gain any traction with consumers.  Even this Black Friday, the Surface 1 RT was on sale for $199.  Just to give you an idea, I called several different Best Buy stores to see if they had any in stock and the reps told me that there were plenty in stock and had not sold many.

Now the company has turned its attention to someone else, Samsung.  Android tablets have been gaining ground faster than iPad’s have, so Microsoft is now looking to reroute some of those sales to it’s own tablet.

In the latest ads produced by Microsoft, the company is now focusing on the Galaxy Tab 10.1.  The subject matter of the old iPad bashing ads and these new ads bashing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is quite familiar.  In one ad, the company focuses on the full-sized USB port on the Surface RT, while at the same time showing that Samsung’s tablet one has a microUSB port. In another ad, Microsoft focuses on how easy it is to share amongst family members thanks to the multiple account support and parental controls features.

Take a look at the videos and let us know your thoughts.