samsung-galaxy-s4-vs-galaxy-s3-back-540x3347:18 PM – The Samsung Galaxy S series has been a widely popular used smartphone.  While popular, one of the downside to the smartphone is the plastic body.  The internals are very impressive, but the outer shell is not.  That’s one of the reasons why Samsung and the smartphone have to take criticism.  But that may soon change.

Over the last couple of months, reports have been coming out that say Samsung may bring a whole new body to the upcoming S5.  Other reports have stated that Samsung will most likely stick with the current plastic shell.  In a new report from Japanese-language industry monitor EMS One (via SamMobile), we get a very good confirmation that the upcoming S5 will indeed have a metal body.

The report states that the Galaxy S5 will be a unibody metal design unlike anything we’ve seen on Samsung’s Android smartphones so far.  It will be a completely new design that will impress everyone.  A Taiwan-based parts supplier Catcher has been instructed to start shipping metal casings to Samsung later this month.  The supplier Catcher has been instructed to supply between 10 million and 30 million metal S5 cases to Samsung. China’s BYD and Taiwan’s Ju Teng will supply the remaining units.

More reports suggest that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 will be an absolute monster.  The smartphone will feature a 64-bit eight-core Exynos processor, 3GB RAM to bring a smooth experience, and a 16-megapixel camera with new features and technology.  The S5 is expected to be announced some time in the first quarter of 2014.

What are your thoughts?