blackberry-bes1011:35 PM – BlackBerry’s hardware side may have suffered losses, but it’s software side is sowing signs of life.  The company had a massive change in management recently, letting go of major players such as the former CEO Heins.  Now focus is on the newer management and what they can do for the company.

The company’s mobile management services has seen improvement in recent months, per ReutersBlackBerry on Tuesday stated that “the number of large business and government clients that have installed or are testing BlackBerry’s mobile device management service has risen roughly 20% over the past six months.”  The company has welcomed this improvement and shows a good direction in which it’s headed.

BlackBerry also released an update to its BES software, which now stands at 10.2.  In the new update, support for expanded multi-platform including Secure Work Space support for iOS 7 background email sync.  There’s also BYOD enrollment for iOS and Android devices that will help users better keep their work and personal data separate, as well as self-service IT portal.

Do you see a bright future for BlackBerry?