att_eats-tmobile10:20 PM – T-Mobile is definitely standing ground when it comes to competing with the likes of Verizon and AT&T.  More specifically, AT&T seems to be in somewhat of a panic mode.  The company recently introduced new mobile share value plans that would bring less expensive data plans to customers.  However, T-Mobile isn’t impressed.

CNET received an email response from T-Mobile’s marketing executive Andrew Sherrard regarding AT&T’s new value plans.  In the email, Sherrard says that AT&T’s new plans are confusing, expensive and fall short of expectation.

Sherrard also says that “after you do the complicated math, in multiple cases, these new plans are actually a price hike for customers.”  This is in fact true based on what additional terms and conditions the company has set for customers wanting to sign up for these plans.   Even though the plans are being offered at a discounted price, there are additional charges such as flat-rate $40 fee to add a smartphone to its plans.

The point of AT&T’s new less expensive Mobile Share plans is to show appeal to those who are off-contract and want to downsize their bill.  Either they bring their own device, or pay full for the device and sign up for a plan, they have the option of opting for one of the newly introduced ones.

On the contrary, if you look at T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plan, Sherrard goes on to state that “a family of four can save more than $600 in the first year with T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plan.

AT&T may be trying to compete with T-Mobile and not continuously lose subscribers to its competitor, but they aren’t doing a very good job at it.

What do you think?