Apple-Store10:05 AM – New iBeacon technology is making its way to Apple Stores now, according to a new report from Associated Press.  Apple is now implementing iBeacon transmitters across its 256 retail locations to better service its customers.

The new iBeacon technology allows Apple to offer customers deals, information and choices based on their needs and what station they are near.  The iBeacon transmitters create a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon that emit signals to iOS 7-powered devices where the devices will automatically react to it and bring useful information right on the device.  There are several uses for this kind of technology such as discount notifications to tracking consumer habits.

For example, if you were to walk into the Apple Store and go right next to where the iPhone 5s is located.  The new technology paired up with the Apple Store app will look to see if you have any upgrade options available with your carrier and give you several different routes to work with.  This automatically happens without you needing to do anything except leaving your Bluetooth on and allowing the company app to work with the transmitters.

There is of course a darker side to this kind of technology if used improperly.

The Apple Store app has also been updated to work alongside with the new hardware additions in the the Apple Stores.  So update your Apple Store app and head to the the Cupertino giant’s retail stores to check out this new feature.  9t05Mac has already checked out the feature and a screenshot below shows what its like on an iOS device.

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