ativ_s_019:25 AM – Samsung may already be the top company to own major market share in Android, but a successful company is always looking at other options.  To reduce its reliance on Android, the company has developed its own OS platform, called Tizen.  The new OS isn’t necessarily ready for mainstream attention yet, however, the company may be looking towards another OS that’s gaining traction lately.

According to Indian tech company Zauba’s website (via SamMobile), an unannounced Samsung smartphone with model number SM-W750V has appeared on the site.  All of the specs of the device aren’t known, but what we do know is that it has a 5-inch display with unknown resolution.  It will cost around 33,245 rupees or $540 USD.

It’s most likely that this will be a high-end device released by Samsung.  It will boast the Windows Phone 8 operating system.  Currently, Nokia enjoys over 90% of Windows Phone market share, but that may change in the future with Samsung entering the game.

This is good timing and a good area for Samsung to expand its reach.  With the leading Windows Phone market share company in transition of being bought, Samsung can swoop in and cause some real damage.

What do you think?  Samsung has what it takes?