amazon-drones-ready-to-replace-delivery-truck-video-72481-71:43 AM – Amazon has proposed the use of unmanned drones to deliver packages to prime customers in a thirty minute time frame. A novel idea and Amazon should be commended for their attempts to get product to customers as soon as possible. I know I am constantly checking the tracking number provided as soon as I get that confirmation e-mail. These drones will revolutionize the online shopping experience with such quick delivery many folks will opt out of shopping at the stores and boutiques of yesterday and use Amazon for all of their purchases. If Amazon doesn’t have it you don’t need it, but don’t fret Amazon has everything and then some.

With the convenience of these futuristic delivery devices comes some serious concerns that need to be addressed. The obvious obstacle of the FAA regulations against unmanned drones flying and also these aircraft are so small they would be very difficult to see in the air by bigger aircraft. With the evident concerns for small planes and commercial planes alike these are not the only concerns coming to light. Many suspect that these drones will be attacked by birds of prey who believe they are invading their airspace. Birds are very territorial and will take down model airplanes if they feel their territory being threatened. I don’t know about you but I don’t want my order taken out by an eagle and landing in some random location. What about falcon trainers? All the sudden their medieval hobby becomes very profitable. The other and admittedly more comical threat is that of snipers taking these little planes out of the sky and collecting the loot. Nothing like a little clay shooting with prizes involved.

How do you think these drones will impact the online shopping experience?

Will it become too easy to point and click impulsively and spend money without necessary consideration?

Source: Bloomberg