Samsung_appliance_-_refrigerator_sound_610x4071:15 PM – When products are being made, they go through a lot of testing in labs.  Whether it be smartphones, laptops or washing machines, they all go through aggressive testing.  In an interesting report from CNET, we get an inside look as to how Samsung tests its products, including smartphones.

CNET’s Shara Tibken took a tour of a Samsung factory in Gumi, South Korean, where she got to experience the testing environment.  In one instance, she stood there watching as Samsung engineers zapped cell phones with stun guns, and drenched phones in water.  In another test, engineers dropped tablets off in water.

Additionally, there were other tests such as shaking washing machines around to simulate a bumpy ride on a delivery truck.  Mind you, most of the tests being done are automated, with a few taking place by the engineers.  Samsung must at least make sure their electronics can handle some wear and tear.

Samsung puts their electronics through 7,000 tests before they release them for general public to use.  Of course rules and regulations are so strict that the company must make sure that the electronics can handle many different situations.  You don’t want someone electrocuted or your smartphone smoking.

It’s quite an interesting read.  Head over to CNET’s page to read everything in detail.