27Samsung_Galaxy_S4_35627724_610x43611:30 AM – Gadgets are prone to defects.  After all, in the production line, there are thousands upon thousands of devices being made every hour, so there are bound to be a couple that get packaged with problems.  One Samsung S4 customer is very unhappy with the response he received from Samsung.

In a story by Neowin, A YouTube user GhostlyRich posted a video on YouTube stating what happened to his Galaxy S4.  He was awakened by the smell of something burning and when he discovered his S4 smoking, he was successfully able to unplug it before any serious damage occurred.

He posted a video about it on YouTube and guess who saw it and didn’t like it?  That’s right, Samsung.  The company didn’t like it and sent him a very detailed letter in the mail.  Instead of taking care of the customer properly and letting the issue blow over, the company sent a very aggressive letter and gave a reason for GhostlyRich to be angry.

In the letter, Samsung reportedly said that it would swap out the man’s burned and useless Galaxy S4 only if he removed his video discussing the matter from YouTube.  Mind you, the S4 is still under warranty, so Samsung is imposing their own terms over what the customer already has under warranty.

You can see the whole document posted on PasteBin.

Samsung is under fire right now. Take a look at the video and share your thoughts.