gold_iphone1iphone-5s-touch11:30 AM – Since the release of the iPhone 5s, many customers have had to wait days and even weeks for certain models.  Companies such as Best Buy have had to take pre-orders in order to fulfill demand.  Now a few months after the initial release last September, Apple is catching up with demand.

A few days ago, Apple’s own website stated that shipping of the iPhone 5s would take place between 1 to 3 business days.  Now the company is showing shipping time with in 24 hours.  This is a great improvement over when the iPhone 5s was first released.  In the beginning, shipping times went as high as 21 days wait time.

Foxconn, a manufacturing partner of Apple is putting out 500,000 iPhone 5s headsets per day.  Apple cut down iPhone 5c orders due to lower demand and instructed its manufacturing partners to speed up iPhone 5s production.  Now the shipping times are reflecting it.

This is the perfect time since Christmas is just upon us.  People are looking to purchase gifts for their loved ones and they might pick up an iPhone 5s now since the wait time is very low.