People buy tablet for various reasons. Some buy it for just playing the media and using the productivity applications on a tablet. Most users don’t buy the cellular version because of they have mobile but just want to get big screen experience and want a substitution of laptop. Now what if we want to use whatsapp messenger on our tablet with no sim. There is a problem if we want to use whatsapp on non-cellular tablet. The problem is the verification process of messenger. It verifies the number by calling on that number or by sending a text code. So we have to change a installation process so you can use Whatsapp as if you are using it on mobile.

The process.

The play store won’t allow the tablet without sim card to install whats app. For this reason you will have to download the .apk file of WhatsApp.

1. Download Whatsapp .apk file from the official website for Android( You can download it from the below link for Android.

2. Now go to folder where the file is downloaded. Here, Click on the .apk file to start the installation.

3. Here, it will ask for the number you want to use for the Whatsapp. Enter the number and you will receive verification SMS or a  call.

4. Enter the code received and here you go. Now your tab is ready to use the Whatsapp.

Important Note

The number which you will use for the Whatsapp will be only available for Tablet. You cannot use that number on any other device, like your mobile.