xl_PS4vsXboxThe holiday season is here and the most awaited game consoles too. There was lot of discussion before and after the launch of both PS4 and Xbox one. Both has its features and advantages considering the user. Well, on Wednesday Microsoft posted on its blog that they have sold 2 million consoles in 18 days. Ps4 it has already sold 2.1 million consoles in 14 days.

The competition is tough. At first sony has an upper hand but now Xbox one is catching up. One of the major factor in top selling of PS4 is the lower price. PS4 is game based console where as Xbox one is a compete entertainment unit. On Xbox one you can watch movie , you can video chat through Skype and use various applications. But ultimately if you are a gamer you would buy PS4. You may say that you can give $100 for more features in the Xbox one but that doesn’t end here. Xbox has various restrictions such as connecting to the internet once in 24 hrs, compulsory installation.

Looking at the overall features and price factor PS4 is making a good sell. But there are people who wants family entertainment for which Xbox one is more suitable.

Tech Savvy Stats:

For Xbox one:

Consumers purchased an average of 111,111 consoles per day. It added that Xbox One consoles have been used to watch TV, play games and open apps for 83 million hours since its Nov. 22 launch.

Microsoft also revealed that at peak demand, customers were ordering 1,000 Xbox One consoles per minute on Amazon.

Compared to predecessor, the Xbox 360, which sold 326,000 units in its first eight days on sale.

For PS4

Biggest Consol launch in history

PlayStation 4 had sold 2.1 million units as of Dec. 3.

Sold 1 million units in 1st day of availability.