iphone510:15 AM – We recently reported that Apple had successfully inked a deal with China’s largest carrier, China Mobile.  This is a great opportunity for Apple to gain some serious market share over its competitors, thanks to the iPhone.  Now that a deal has been struck, it seems the iPhone will make a comeback in the market, with a bang.  Staring December 12, China Mobile will start taking iPhone pre-orders.

According to new data from Counterpoint Research, Apple’s iPhone has already gained market share from its all-time low 5% in September 2013.  Market share has jumped quite a bit from 5% in September 2013 to 12% in October 2013.  In just a month, Apple has jumped from being in sixth place to third place.  This is quite a jump in just a month and impressive.

In front of Apple is Samsung and Lenovo.  Both of these companies are known for selling Android-based smartphones, which are popular as well.  Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 have brought in impressive numbers for the company.

Apple has not even launched on China Mobile yet and already the company has gained a lot of market share.  World’s largest carrier has over 750 million subscribers and plans to launch its TD-LTE network on December 18.  This will definitely help Apple get the iPhone momentum going and get the smartphone in the hands of Chinese customers.