tom-wheeler-hed3-20131:30 PM – A while ago, we reported that Federal Aviation Administration announced that they were considering to lift restrictions on the in-flight use of personal electronics.  Many people rejoiced and welcomed the change.  To make it even better, Federal Communications Commission also proposed to allow customers to make calls in-flight.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, a former lobbyist for wireless carriers, has a few words to share with us as well, according to a report from The Washington Post.  For obvious reasons, having someone make calls right next to your may disrupt your peace in-flight, and the Chairman acknowledges this.  The proposal has a chance of not being passed at all, but FCC Chairman Wheeler is all for it.

“I do not want the person in the seat next to me yapping at 35,000 feet any more than anyone else,” Chairman Wheeler said. “But we are not the Federal Courtesy Commission… Technology has produced a new network reality recognized by governments and airlines around the world. Our responsibility is to recognize that new reality’s impact on our old rules.”

Even though Wheeler is in full support of this, his own efforts may not be enough to get it fully passed.  The reason is because he may not have enough votes to get this proposal passed because the commission’s two Republicans and one of its Democrats are all hesitant to support the this.

There are pros and cons of this proposal.  What are your thoughts?