Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 2.38.03 PM2:45 PM – For a while now, speculation had been growing that Facebook-owned Instagram has been working on a direct messaging services.  Today, Instagram released a 5.0 update to its mobile app that brings a new, highly anticipated feature to all users.

Dubbed as ‘Instagram Direct’, this is essentially a private sharing feature for Instagram lovers.  You can now send images and videos directly to individuals or you can share in groups rather than your entire follower base.  Up until now, when you upload pictures and videos, they were shared with everyone.

When you upload a picture, you now have the option to select who you share it with.  If you take a picture and want to share it with your loved ones on Instagram instead of going through the hassle of uploading on Facebook and tagging, this is a much shorter process.

Check out this Instagram Directo promo video and share your thoughts with us.