images8:49 PM – Wait for some time and Gmail will not ask you to download images. Gmail has many upgrades or new functionality waiting in line. Gmail has already announced that it has added a feature where it can be identified that the email has been opened or not.

In the new Gmail, images will be automatically downloaded. It will no longer ask you to download the image. Also, based on this feature,of auto loading image, an advertising company can track your privacy. One of the bulk messaging company has posted on its blog that it will be a heaven for them.They can now easily and accurately track that when the message was opened. This is done with the help of the new functionality. Gmail will get the received in one place and then it will display the images through the HTML service. Now when the image will be downloaded when you open your email the the sender can find when you have opened the message. This can be done when only a sender send image from a specific link.


Gmail will also scan for the malware or spyware in you mail. It will identify any threats if they are present in your message. If it identifies the threat the message will not be displayed.