26106095.cms10:45 AM – One of the most anticipated phones of 2013 has been the Nexus 5.  When the LG-based smartphone was released on October 31 of this year, there were several problems with it, more specifically speaking, there were some hardware problems.  One of the problems was Audio based, where users were reporting that the the speaker was not loud enough, and the audio quality was poor.  Some other problems were noisy buttons, and SIM tray tray sticking out.

According to a user on XDA Developers forum, Google is already releasing a revised version of the Nexus 5.  This is so that both companies can address the problems that current users are facing.  The revised units being shipped out have larger microphone and speaker holes as well as sturdier buttons.

It’s good to see Google and LG addressed the issues rather quickly.  If you have a unit that is affected by these problems, contact Google right away to see if you can have your unit replaced.  The LG Nexus 5 after all comes with a 1-year warranty, so take advantage of that while you can.

One Nexus 5 owner has already posted photos to show the different between the original and newly revised units.  You can see the pictures below.

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