abc_google_backpack_street_view_capture_lpl_120606_wblog8:20 PM – When you search Google maps you might have encountered with the pics on the map which shows the 360 degree view of the street. Google maps has this amazing feature where you can see the surrounding area of that place. This can be really helpful in getting the idea of the place before visit. It can be a crucial factor to decide whether to go or not. It also can be used to attract people by showing the beauty of that place.

This feature has already lot of its implementations. It can be used to verify the address. It can help in matching the data with the Google search which then can relate to any address. I have used Google street view personally and its pretty awesome. I once searched a canyon near my city which showed an awesome 306 degree view of various places near canyon.

Another great functionality added by Google is that you can create your own street by arranging pics. You can do that using photo sphere . If you have an android phone you have the advantage. You just use the panoramic mode and use it in the photo sphere directly.

Google street view has captured various things some of which are funny and some of which are bizarre.