untitledThink about the pen which can draw things in the 3d . Think how real you can show your thoughts to the world when you can draw 3D objects. It is possible using a 3Doodler. You just think about the idea or shape which you can draw on the sheet of paper and make it a real world object using this pen. Its an idea on kickstarter which helps great innovative ideas to become a reality. It helps these kind of amazing projects. Guess, this idea has already got funding of $2,344,134 which is 7,813% of its original target and seems legit.

How is it possible?

This is possible because of its amazing idea of using an molten plastic. The pen uses the molten plastic which extrudes it when we want to draw things. It cools just after it is being extracted. You just move your pen in the air and draw the object. As you can imagine there are lot of opportunities . This can be a major tool in the field of art and design.  You can draw 3D paintings, you can design rd models of your project, it can be used to design a prototype.

The creator says that when you start with the pen you can draw the objects on the paper on already drawn shapes. After some practice and getting used to the pen you can draw intricate objects.  The project is now a reality. The creators offer the full kit of the pen when you order it. The kit has exterior parts of pen , the ink which is actually  1ft piece of plastic which produce 11ft of figure.

This 3D pen is one good thing to give a holiday gift.