Microsoft-Windows-OS11:30 AM – In the recent years, Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS has started to gain some market share.  While other companies such as BlackBerry and HTC constantly lose their market share, Microsoft is picking up the left share for Windows Phone.  Android and iOS currently own majority of the market with their duopoly, and Windows Phone is now in third place.

In a new leak from notorious @evleaks (via The Verge), the image shows off Window Phone 8.1’s silver UI.  In the image (seen below), you can see that the images are silver and will most likely be on-screen.  Previously, Windows Phone’s have had dedicated buttons built into the hardware, but this will change in the future 8.1 update.


The Verge was able to confirm from its sources that the next big Windows Phone update will indeed include personal-assistant Cortana.  It has been rumored for quite a while now that Microsoft is working on its own Siri-like virtual assistant for Windows Phone OS.  We may see the new assistant in the 8.1 update.  Cortana is named after the character from the popular Xbox series Halo.  Bing will be absent from the next update, and Cortana will take its place.

Another big area where Windows Phone is lacking is the availability of popular apps.  Recently, Instagram made its way to the platform, in beta stage, however.  Twitter has been on the platform for a long time, as well as Facebook.  Microsoft has been trying to convince companies to develop for its Windows Phone OS, and slowly but surely, companies are hearing Microsoft.

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