rsz_1rsz_1rsz_131213pep-a6:20 PM – Pebble has certainly been made mainstream news in the recent months.  After the successful Kickstarter project, the company has now made its way into retail stores, such as Best Buy and AT&T.  If you don’t want to order the Pebble Watch online, you can get them at participating retail locations.

While the Pebble Watch is nice, the company just opened up a new project.  The new project called Pebble Educational Project, is where the company has donated 4000 Pebble Watches.  In other words, the company has given over $600,000 worth of electronics to Computer Science and Engineering programs at CMU, Stanford, MIT, Virginia Tech and many other technology schools across the US.

Pebble states on their blog:

[quote]”Pebble’s Education Project was born out of a desire to assist educators in engaging students more deeply with coursework related to systems and embedded programming, but we realized these specific examples were the tip of the iceberg. Pebble’s open SDK really makes the sky the limit. What we love about Pebble’s Education Project is its flexibility. Educators are free to tailor their donated Pebbles and our developer tools to best align with students’ educational goals.”[/quote]

While the company has taken a financial toll, having the devices in next-generation students and engineers is priceless.  The donation allows for technical students to tinker with the hardware and the software.  Allows for them to learn, program, and think out of the box to discover new things.  This is something that you just can’t pay for.  While the $600,000 has slipped from Pebble, the money will be back in no time as the watch sells like hot cakes.

Pebble already has thousands of apps developed for the Pebble Watch.  More apps are being released everyday by dedicated developers who love to develop for the one of a kind smart watch.