Microsoft-520x2455:0o PM – Earlier this year, Microsoft had announced the retirement of Steve Balmer.  He had spent more than a decade at Microsoft as CEO.  All good things come to an end, so now the company has been on the hunt to find a replacement CEO.  The search has not been an easy one.

Out of more than 100 candidates pool, according to Microsoft’s blog, only one would get the job, of course.  There are many strong candidates that could be fit for the job such as former Nokia boss Stephen Elop, however, the board of directors at Microsoft are making every decision very carefully.

Microsoft formally announced Tuesday that the board of directors have narrowed down the list to 20 candidates.  The board is doing due diligence on possible CEOs.  Board member John Thompson says that the search would slowly come to an end by “the early part of 2014.”

Microsoft needs a new CEO that will share the same vision other high profile individuals have for the company.  Fresh blood in the CEO position means that things may get done a lot faster than they have in the past.  Not only that, the new CEO may introduce new innovative ideas to drive the company in a new, stronger direction.  There are several high profile individuals in Microsoft that are already looking to shut down projects like Bing and Xbox, however CEO Steve Balmers efforts have kept that from happening.