SamsungGalaxyS41:30 PM – Samsung fans are in for a disappointment.  It looks like Samsung will make the upcoming S5 smartphone in plastic casing.  Previously, it has been said that the Korean giant is looking to make a metal casing for the S5, however due to certain circumstances, it looks like Samsung will release the S5 in its usual plastic case, according to a new report from some-what reliable Digitimes.

Currently, the company is experimenting with metal casing to bring on future smartphones.  According to Digitimes, the reason why Samsung may not be able to bring the metal casing to the S5 is because no Taiwanese chassis makers “have started mass production of metal-alloy chassis for Samsung.”  This late in the game, you would expect reports coming up of Samsung’s suppliers providing necessary parts to assemble the metal casing, however, there are no such reports, yet.

The S5 is rumored to launch in February 2014, which isn’t far away at all.  Digitimes does note that Samsung will probably “adopt chassis featuring compound materials such as fiberglass/plastic or carbon fiber/plastic for its smartphones instead of a single materials to help save costs.”  While having a new casing on its popular smartphone would be good and something new in the market, the company sees no reason to do so at this times.  This is because so far, the plastic case has worked just fine for the company.  Not to mention for production purposes, plastic made phones are much easier and faster to make than aluminum, which is featured in smartphones like the iPhone and HTC One.

Even though it looks like Samsung will most likely not bring the S5 in a new casing, that doesn’t mean the company may not introduce an updated version of the model later in the year with a new casing.  Perhaps the S6 may come with a new casing?  Only time will tell.

What are your thoughts?  Galaxy S-series fans, are you disappointed?