pebble.watchx51912:45 PM – Pebble’s smartphone popularity is getting high as the days go on.  To make things more organized and appealing for new as well as older customers, Pebble has announced that its releasing its own “Pebble appstore.”  This new app store will be customer’s one-stop to getting apps to customize their watch.

The app store for now is open for developers only.  The Pebble Developer Portal is now open and developers can use the 2.0 SDK to develop apps for the smartwatch and submit them to the app store.  Pebble has been a massive spike in the interest they have gotten from the developers world due to the 2.0 SDK release, so this is a great step towards keeping an organized system for everyone.  The new 2.0 SDK supports four APIs – Javascript, Accelerometer, Data Logging, and Persistent Storage.

In the Pebble appstore, the following categories are being supported: watchfaces, daily, remotes, games, notifications, tools and utilities, and finally sports and fitness.  At launch, paid apps will not be supported, however third-party sources (such as will not be forced to shut down by Pebble and will continue to work for the v2.0 users.

Here’s a small shot of what the appstore will look like:


What are your thoughts?