tmobilejohnlegere2:30 PM – T-Mobile’s Uncarrier initiative is already shaking up the wireless industry.  It was bound to happen, there just had to be a leader to start it all.  CEO John Legere of T-Mobile happened to be the person.  Now the wireless carrier continues its attack on other carriers with “Uncarrier 4” and getting AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson involved with the #Randall hastag.

CEO John Legere took to Twitter to announce the next stage for T-Mobile.  The carrier is calling it “Uncarrier 4,” in other words stage 4.  Legere continues to ease customers’ pain and says that he will “eliminate another customer pain point.”  So what exactly is this “pain point”?  We don’t know the exactly details yet as this was a teaser.  The CEO did not release anything else, but knowing how aggressive the carrier has been lately, the surprise is bound to come up very shortly.

So far, the carrier has ditched wireless contracts, gives free international roaming to customers and the option to upgrade to newer devices more often.  Other carriers have adopted one particular initiative, the ability to upgrade to devices earlier, yet T-Mobile continues to stay at top of the list by being the most affordable.

As pointed out earlier, we don’t know what the “Uncarrier 4” is about or when it will take place, but it’s bound to happen soon.  CES 2014 is taking place in January from 6th to the 10th, so that’s where T-Mobile may announce their new initiative.

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